Cavapoo breeders in the UK

Reputable cavapoo breeders in the UK

Cavapoo has been around and well established as one of the most popular “designer” dog breeds (actually a cross-breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle) since 1990s. They have conquered the hearts of dog lovers all over the world now, and UK is no exception. If you are looking for cavapoo breeders in the UK, here is the list of breeders I was able to find online. I hope it will help you find the cavapoo puppy of your dreams.

Lotties Cavapoos Uk breeder

This is a UK cavapoo breeder located in Southampton. They have lots of information on their website: about them as a breeder and about their puppies. This breeder has a lot of advice as to how to pick a breeder who you want to buy a puppy from.

They care about their puppies’ health and make sure the prospective owners are the right people for their cavapoo. They have a helpful puppy guide on their site that talks a lot about their approach to placing puppies and the whole process of it all. Check their website out here.

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Blackberry Pups

This UK cavapoo breeder is located in Norfolk. They run a family breeding business and are proud of what they do. They are perfectionists at heart and take the health of their fur babies very seriously. They have lots of great testimonials of their work as breeders, a big gallery of cavapoo puppies pictures and some good tips on whether you want to pick a cavapoo or another mixed breed according to your desires and life circumstances.

They have waiting lists for their upcoming cavapoo puppy litters. Check them out here.

What are the good sides of having a cavapoo?
Great companions, their personalities will make you laugh. Training is very simple and they pick up quickly. We worked on handshake and he was able to do the command in less than twenty minutes.

Katie, mom of Gus, the Cavapoo from Vienna.

Chamuel Puppies 

Chamuel Puppies are another UK cavapoo breeder located in Middle Crockerford, Basildon. They strive to raise affectionate and sweet-tempered cavapoo for the best dog-loving homes out there. They are a KC- registered kennel. All their dogs boast great health through balanced nutrition, exercise and human affection, and they go through regular vet check-ups. This cavapoo breeder has excellent testimonials as well. Check out their website here.

Lorton Cockapoos

Despite the name, this UK breeder also deals with cavapoo alongside with cockapoo. They have a good breed description page on their site, plenty of photos and some nice testimonials. They are located in the Tarleton, Lancashire area. Last time I checked they did not have any cavapoo puppies available, but please check again here.

Rosedale Doodles

These breeders actually have multiple locations throughout UK: they are situated in Rosedale, Gill Lane, Longton and Preston. They have been breeding cavapoo for over a decade and have developed great breeding practices that, together with their devoted and loving approach, allow them to create wonderful, well-bred, healthy and well-socialised puppies for loving homes.

Rosedale Doodles encourage people to come and meet them and their puppies and provide a full spectrum of information on their dogs, breeding and owning a cavapoo. They have excellent testimonials and a Facebook page with more than 10 000 cavapoo lovers subscribed. We recommend to get more info on this UK cavapoo breeder here.

Is there a funny story you could tell us about your cavapoo?

Perri often gets confused by her own limbs…she thinks her back legs are someone else’s and often nibbles them and then gets sad that she’s bitten herself! She also chases her tail every morning and once its caught, she walks to her bed, tail in mouth so settle down and have a good chew!

Lauren, mom of Perri, the cavapoo from England

Glendream Doodles UK Cavapoo and cockapoo breeder

Glendream Doodles is a UK cavapoo breeder located in Scotland. They have been breeding cavapoo (and cockapoo!) for over 10 years and are one of Scotland’s best breeders. They are a small, in-home kennel located on a beautiful farm land. All of their dogs are KC registered and are in full health.

Glendream Doodles pay special attention to socialising their puppies and also make sure all their cavapoo puppies are properly vaccinated and dewormed before they are sent to their loving forever homes. They have a great gallery of cavapoo puppy pictures, FAQs and instructions on how puppies are bred, how to choose a cavapoo puppy and how to care for them in their new home.

They also have a regularly updated blog and great testimonials. If you are over in Scotland and looking for a cavapoo puppy, this may just be your breeder.

Lewshelly Paws

Lewshelly Paws is another UK cavapoo breeder, although they also have other breeds. Their cavapoo puppies have soft loose curl coat which is good for people with mild dog allergies. They make sure their puppies are healthy and never let a puppy go to a new home without a proper vet check-up and health certificates. Lewshelly are a small breeder that takes pride in their puppy rearing processes. They have buyers looking for cavapoo puppies from all over United Kingdom. Check out their website here.

Castellan House Kennels

Another UK cavapoo breeder with good feedback.

Raffles Cavapoos

And one more UK cavapoo breeder (who also breeds cockapoo) with lots of good information on the breed and informative website.

Best Breeds Dogs

This UK cavapoo breeder is located in Staffordshire. They specialise mainly in German Shepherds but have occasional litters of cavapoo as well. All their puppies get proper vet checks and vaccinations as well as de-worming and de-fleeing. All their cavapoo puppies come with the money-back guarantee in case of any health issues. If you are in Staffordshire, contact them here.


Poundlane is yet another UK cavapoo breeder located in the North Devon countryside, England. They raise their cavapoo pups with love and devotion and creat well-socialized, loving animals for new forever homes. They provide some great info about buying a puppy and owning one on their website, as well as puppy pack info and lots of pictures. They take really good care of their puppies health and also do their best to find absolutely best homes for their puppies. Check them out on their website here.

We hope this little list of reputable cavapoo breeders in the UK will help you find your new little friend. Cavapoo are fantastic but it is important to find a really good breeder you can trust. Look for a trustworthy breeder who cares about their cavapoo health and temperament, socialisation and how well they will fit into your home. Never stop at just one breeder, contact a few to see which ones you have a better rapport.

If you have any bad feelings about a breeder at all, put your puppy buying process on pause and think of what might be the reason. Never allow any breeder to pressure you into the purchase – a good breeder will never do that as there are always enough people to buy a puppy from a reputable cavapoo breeder. Good luck with finding the cavapoo puppy of your dreams!

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