Cavapoo pros and cons

Having a pet can be one of the most fulfilling things in a person’s life. It can be a constant source of love, affection and belonging. It’s a good way to keep loneliness at bay which can be a great help to people that find themselves lacking company of others for any reasons.

Cavapoo pros and cons

It may also be the purest and most unconditional love of your life. Cavapoo are fantastic pets both for families and single people, for younger people and seniors, for city-dwellers and those that prefer countryside living.

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But then there are always downsides. Potential shedding, having to take care of someone all the time, potential vet bills and other issues. When it comes to pet ownership, there are always some downsides.

Cavapoo pros and cons: as answered by our interviewees

What is particularly special about having a cavapoo? And what aspects of cavapoo ownership aren’t so great? I asked a few cavapoo owners this question, and got some great answers.

Cavapoo pros and cons: as answered by our interviewees

Pros: They truly are compassionate, and I see the love he has for our family, especially me. I love his curls, his personality, his awkward moments such as not enjoying the grass. He will walk on the bricks to avoid touching the grass. He gives the best hugs when he hasn’t seen me for a little bit.

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Coming home from work to him is one of my favorite moments of the day. They are Great companions, their personalities will make you laugh. Training is very simple and they pick up quickly. We worked on handshake and he was able to do the command in less than twenty minutes.

Cons: Separation anxiety! Gus will have anxiety when I leave for a long period of time such as vacation. He went on a no eating binge and was a little depressed according to my caretaker. However this is very common in many dog breeds.

Cavapoo pros and cons - barking

The barking, he will bark at every little noise he hears and at everyone walking past our house.

Katie, mom of Gus, the cavapoo from Vienna

Pros: We love her company and her cute, funny, cuddly self. A cavoodle is family friendly, energetic and cuddly and funny. We like that she’s small enough to take her everywhere and doesn’t shed too much.

Cons: At the moment, she bites a lot, but all puppies do that! She loves to be around us, so it’s sometimes tricky leaving the house. Lucky I work from home, so she’s got company most of the time!

Karina, mom of Harlow Pippa, the cavoodle from Australia

Pros: We all love that Jasper is a very happy dog, not many things can turn his mood sour. He is 99% of the time, happy. They are pretty much hypoallergenic. They are very loving, loyal and very cute.

Cons: They are very dependent and cannot be alone for too long.

Dita, mom of Jasper, the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia

Pros: I just absolutely love her temperament. She is unbelievably sweet and tremendously friendly. She loves absolutely everyone she meets. Not to mention she is super snuggly. Their temperament is a huge positive. Also they are very smart and training has been so much fun. She’s an absolute sweetheart and completely adorable.

Cons: I think the downside is Maggie is very attached to us so we have been working on keeping her from developing separation anxiety. Also you have to watch her with big dogs just because she is so little.

Cavapoo pros and cons - cute cavapoo

Tina, mom of Maggie the cavapoo from New Jersey

Pros: He’s very affectionate and extremely intelligent. Other good sides are that he’s lovable and so easy to train. He’s playful and always up for an adventure but also happy to relax and laze around and do nothing. He gets on with everyone and doesn’t malt. He enjoys being playful, he’s a lovable little baby and still snoozes a lot too.

Cons: He can be somewhat clingy and attention seeking but with time and persistence this can be managed.

Arshiyah, pawrent of Merlot, the cavapoo from Manchester, UK

Pros: The best part is that he loves us more than anything. He’s always wanting to snuggle up. Always have a loving companion by your side. Extremely trainable and lots of fun. We did a lot of research into low shedding dogs and dogs that were good with kids.

At first we thought we’d go for a Cockapoo but then we came across a page about Cavapoos. KC Spaniel has always been a favourite with us but I worried about certain health issues and shedding.

Cavapoo pros and cons - separation anxiety

When we came across the Cavapoo that was it! Instantly knew it was the breed for us. We wanted a dog to be a part of our family and to be loving and cuddly.

Cons: Never wanting to leave your side. They can get separation anxiety and so don’t get one unless you’re committed to spending lots of time with them.

Lani, mom of Milo the cavapoo from London, UK

Pros: I love spending time with her! She’s so affectionate she can cheer me up on my worst days. A nice walk in the park with your best bud at the end of a long day is just the right pick me up! Shedding is minimal which is great for lots of cuddles but fur free clothes. I’ve had a cavapoo previously and she had such a lovely temperament I knew it was the breed for me!

Cons: They are very social and people orientated. She doesn’t like being alone and there can be separation anxiety issues. Working in a school means I get the bonus of all the holiday time and finish early so I have lots of time to spend with Perri, however leaving her at the start of the day is difficult for us both!

Lauren, mom of Perri the cavoodle from UK

Pros: We did research on the best breed to have around kids and cavapoo came up top! I love absolutely everything about him! He’s just super lovable and loyal and loves us so much! He loves humans and dogs just the same! The curly coated ones don’t moult at all, they’re playful, gentle, lovable, loyal little things and we couldn’t imagine being without him now!

Cons: There aren’t many 😂 typical dog things like cleaning up poop and finding chewed up shoes and socks!

Cavapoo pros and cons - love

Jodie, mom of Teddy the cavapoo from UK

Pros: I have asthma and they are great for people with respiratory issues and allergies. Plus they are super cute and so cuddly. They are warm, loving little creatures who just want to be cuddled. They are smart, quick to learn, affectionate and such well-natured dogs. They are also funny. 

They are completely mystified about cut cucumber ends! They’ve spent hours pawing at them and watching them roll around the floor barking and circling thinking they are little animals! I also witnessed Louise giving Thelma a piggy back a couple of weeks ago which was such a sight. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a pic! They love walking and going in the car.

We take them everywhere and they love cuddles from their family. My mum plays fetch with them when she baby sits and they love going down the slippery slide on my niece’s lap!

Cons: Having to get up early to take them out to the toilet, but one look at their little faces and all the tiredness goes away.

Yvette and Mat, pawrents of cavapoo Thelma and Louise from Sydney

Cavapoo pros and cons - a good companion

Pros: She has such a loving and playful personality. She is everything I want in a puppy and more!

Cons: I don’t think this is a downside of the breed, but I highly suggest puppy school! We are starting this month and I am excited to learn how I can be the best puppy/dog pawrent!

Korin, mom of Charlie Louise, the cavapoo from Seattle

Pros: We love how sweet she is, that she loves people, and that she is absolutely adorable to look at and play with! We like that they are calmer dogs. She definitely has energy as a puppy but she is pretty chill half the time and we like that she is a nice balance of being active and laying low.

Cons: As a puppy, she is a little scared right now of random objects like things that roll (ex: suitcases). We think it’s because she is getting used to all the noises in the city so hopefully she grows out of it.

Abbe, mom of Ellie the Cavapoo from Chicago

Pros: She is just the loveliest, sweetest cuddle-bug out there. Honestly I don’t know how we lived without her. We don’t have kids and she is like our child, except she doesn’t take that much work of course! She follows us everywhere, goes for walks and trips with us, eats with us, sleeps with us.

She is just this integral part of our life. I owned dogs before her and she maybe my “heart” dog, but she really is something special. Except now we are thinking of getting a second cavapoo! Well, I am thinking. I still need to convince my husband.

Cons: She does have a bit of separation anxiety. But we like her anyway, so that’s OK.

Alana, mom of Jackie the cavapoo

If you are looking for a cavapoo to adopt, check out our articles on how to find a reputable breeder. You can find such breeders in: Reputable cavapoo breeders UK, Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, Canada, and Cavapoo breeders in Alberta, Canada. You can also adopt a puppy from Cavapoo Rescue. Don’t forget to read about Cavapoo pros and cons.

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