Cavapoo Owner Reviews: Maggie the cavapoo from Hoboken, Nj

Cavapoo Owner Reviews: Maggie Interview

Today we are talking to Maggie, the Cavapoo from Hoboken, NJ, and her human mom Tina. Follow Maggie at @mightymagsthepup

What is your name? 

What is the name of your dog? Why did you choose that name?
Maggie.  We wanted to name her after an influential woman in history so we picked Margaret Thatcher. Also my twin sister had a stuffed animal growing up named Maggie so the name kinda stuck.

How old is Maggie?
She is 4 months old

What country and city are you from? 

USA. Hoboken, Nj

How did you decide to have a cavapoo and why?

We decided to get a cavapoo after meeting a lovely one named Callie that my brother was pet sitting. We wanted to get a hypoallergenic dog because of various allergies in the family.

Maggie the cavapoo from Hoboken, Nj

What is Maggie’s favorite food? Any recommendations on food for other cavapoo owners?

It’s a tie between hot dogs and peanut butter.  Our puppy in particular loves playing with puzzle toys that dispense kibble. She doesn’t really care for eating out of a bowl. We feed her Royal Canin.

What are Maggie’s favorite toys or games?

She LOVES all things squeaky.  There is this frog that one of our Aunts got her that she is particularly fond of. She also loves playing soccer with little tennis balls. Surprising she loves chasing after a laser pointer!

What does your dog love doing most?

I think single handedly the one thing she enjoys most is playing with her pawrents, but second to that you can always find her snuggling on the couch and chewing on her yak cheese chews (she LOVES them!)

Maggie the cavapoo from Hoboken, Nj

Is there a funny story you could tell us about your cavapoo?

It’s not so much a story but the funniest thing she does is she loves to play soccer with a little rubber tennis ball, but she HAS to have another toy in her mouth when she does it. Usually a little rope or squeak toy. It’s hilarious. 

What do you love most about Maggie?

I just absolutely love her temperament. She is unbelievably sweet and tremendously friendly. She loves absolutely everyone she meets. Not to mention she is super snuggly.

What are the good sides of having a cavapoo?

Their temperament is a huge positive. Also they are very smart and training has been so much fun. She’s an absolute sweetheart and completely adorable.

What are some downsides to having a cavapoo?

I think the downside is Maggie is very attached to us so we have been working on keeping her from developing separation anxiety. Also you have to watch her with big dogs just because she is so little.

Does your cavapoo shed much and how do you deal with it?

She does not shed at all. It’s been a joy.

Maggie the cavapoo from Hoboken, Nj

Do you travel with Maggie? What do you do when you need to go on vacation? (Pet sitter? Dog hotel? 🙂

We have taken her on weekend trips and she does very well in the car. I actually took her on a plane after I picked her up to take her home. Luckily when my husband and I need to go away for the weekend we have family very close and my brother and his girlfriend offer to watch her.

Would you recommend other people to have a cavapoo, why or why not?

Yes I would definitely recommend this breed. I think they are great dogs if you are looking for one that is on the smaller side.

Cavapoo or Cavoodle? 😉 (Or cavadoodle?)

We always say Cavapoo

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  1. Maria says:

    What an adorable dog!!! I would like to see if Maggie is the dog we’ve been looking for that would fit in our family. Is there any way we can see her this Saturday or schedule a day where we can. Please reply when you have the chance and also advice the price please! Thank you look forward to meeting you and Maggie.

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