Jasper the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia

Today’s interview is with Jasper, the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia and his Human Dita. We have a lot of cavoodles from Australia on this site lately! Jasper is definitely one of the most gorgeous pups we’ve ever met. Follow his story at @thecavoodlejasper

What is your name? 


What is the name of your dog? Why did you choose that name?

Jasper, we thought it suits him best. The other name candidate that we had was Milo because of his colour, but ultimately Jasper won by vote. Jasper is very aware of when he is talked about in conversations as he will pay great attention as soon as his name comes up.

How old is Jasper?

3,5 years.

What country and city are you from?

Darwin, Australia.

Jasper the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia

How did you decide to have a cavapoo and why?

The size, the fact that they don’t shed, they’re adorable and we heard many good things about them.

What is your Jasper’s favorite food? Any recommendations on food for other cavapoo owners?

Chicken necks!

What are Jasper’s favorite toys or games?

Ropes are his favourite because he likes to pay tug of war.

Jasper the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia

What does Jasper love doing most?

As soon as we sit on the ground, he will sit (and then sleep) on our laps, without a doubt.

Is there a funny story you could tell us about your cavapoo?

Jasper is an office dog and we bring him to work everyday. Each day, he will always make sure he gives at least a couple of minutes of his time with each person in the office.

Jasper the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia

What do you love most about Jasper?

We all love that Jasper is a very happy dog, not many things can turn his mood sour. He is 99% of the time, happy.

What are the good sides of having a cavapoo?

They are pretty much hypoallergenic. They are very loving, loyal and very cute.

What are some downsides to having a cavapoo?

They are very dependent and cannot be alone for too long.

Jasper the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia

Does your cavapoo shed much and how do you deal with it?

Jasper only shed after we brush him and the fur that he shed are not much at all so it does not bother us.

Do you travel with your cavapoo? What do you do when you need to go on vacation? (Pet sitter? Dog hotel? 🙂

No we do not travel with Jasper.

Would you recommend other people to have a cavapoo, why or why not?

Yes. After having Jasper in my life, I now understand the true meaning of a lap dog. They are so affectionate and happy, they can be a great therapy dog.

Cavapoo or Cavoodle? 😉 (Or cavadoodle?)

Cavoodle 😉

Jasper the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia


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