Ellie the cavapoo from Chicago, USA

Today we are interviewing Ellie the cavapoo from Chicago and her Human Mom Abbe. Follow Ellie on her instagram at @ellieroth_cavapoo !

What is your name? 
Abbe Roth

What is the name of your dog? Why did you choose that name?
Her name is Ellie. Our breeder gives names out to the puppies and her original name was Eleanor. We thought since they were using “El” that she would recognise Ellie, and she definitely responded to it right away!

How old is Ellie?
16 weeks.

What country and city are you from?
USA, Chicago, IL

How did you decide to have a cavapoo and why?
I grew up with a cavalier and they are the sweetest, loveable dogs. My husband is allergic so we wanted to get a cavapoo so we can avoid the shedding.

Ellie the cavapoo from Chicago, USA

What is Ellie’s favorite food? Any recommendations on food for other cavapoo owners?
She currently eats Nurtrisource and scarfs it down immediately! They always say look at the first three ingredients to make sure it’s nutritious so I recommend that.

What are Ellie’s favorite toys or games?
She loves plush animals, Especially Pooh Bear.  Loves playing with them and cuddling with them, especially if they are the same size as her. She is also really good at fetch with balls (not the tennis kind as we don’t want her chewing on that material).

A lot of the rope type of toys as it’s good while she is teething. The best part of her toys is that she has a couple that has been passed down to her from my cavalier growing up and my sisters dog. It’s nice to connect family dog members in small ways like that.

What does Ellie love doing most?
She LOVES cuddling with us. She will initially fall asleep on the floor or her dog bed and then we will pick her up and she will lay right on top of us and it’s so calming and amazing all at the same time! Makes up for when she is trying to be mischievous in the apartment 🙂

Ellie the cavapoo from Chicago, USA

Is there a funny story you could tell us about your cavapoo?
She loves chasing her tail AND she actually catches it and chews on it like a toy. Somehow it doesn’t hurt her so as long as she is having fun, that’s all that matters! Also, we have only hardwood floors in our apartment and her “breaks” don’t work sometimes if she is running around so she will bang into walls all the time but she is a fighter and keeps going! 

Another funny story: We have windows all over our apartment. At night, Ellie sees her reflection in the window and starts growling at herself/the dog in the mirror. We call the “other dog” Mellie which stands for a Mirror Ellie. Sometimes it’s fun to encourage her to get Mellie and take her down! It’s hilarious! 

What do you love most about your cavapoo?
We love how sweet she is, that she loves people, and that she is absolutely adorable to look at and play with!

What are the good sides of having a cavapoo?
We like that they are calmer dogs. She definitely has energy as a puppy but she is pretty chill half the time and we like that she is a nice balance of being active and laying low.

Ellie the cavapoo from Chicago, USA

What are some downsides to having a cavapoo?
As a puppy, she is a little scared right now of random objects like things that roll (ex: suitcases). We think it’s because she is getting used to all the noises in the city so hopefully she grows out of it.

Does your cavapoo shed much and how do you deal with it?
She still has her puppy hair so she does shed a little bit but not as much as a cavalier. We brush her every couple of days to maintain her fur coat as much as possible.

Do you travel with your cavapoo? What do you do when you need to go on vacation? (Pet sitter? Dog hotel? 🙂
She did travel on an airplane from Missouri to Chicago but other than that, she hasn’t left our 5 block radius of our apartment. Walking is still a challenge with a pup.

Would you recommend other people to have a cavapoo, why or why not?
ABSOLUTELY. They are sweet, cuddly, easy going and the cutest dogs around.

Cavapoo or Cavoodle? 😉 (Or cavadoodle?)

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