Cavoodle puppies for sale NSW: breeders overview

This post is an overview of cavoodle breeders in New South Wales that are reputable and that you can trust. Because health screening is so extremely important with cavoodles, I wanted to do some research and come up with a list of breeders that do extensive health screening for their cavoodle puppies and their parents. I hope you can find the breeder you are looking for in this list.

Cavoodle puppies for sale NSW

Cavoodle puppies for sale NSW: Charlieoodles

We really like this NSW cavoodle breeder. They seem like a breeder that really, really cares about the health of their puppies and consequently about the happiness of the new puppy owners. They do EXTENSIVE screenings for health issues such as PRA, MVD (Mitral Valve Disease),  degenerative myelopathy, mucopolysaccharidosis and Von Willebrand’s disease.

They invest heavily in having their parent dogs genetically screened and health tested to ensure none of the puppies have any health issues. There are many other things that they do right. Their puppies are raised in warm, family environment which ensures their early socialisation and soft, stable temperaments.

Cavoodle puppies for sale NSW

Their puppies are used to kids from an early age, so they will be great for families with young kids.

They only have a small number of dogs and treat them like family members. The very opposite of a puppy mill.

And of course, their puppies are gorgeous, which you can see on their website. All in all, don’t hesitate to reach out to these people if you are looking for a cavoodle puppy. Check out their site to see for yourself.

Oakies Puppies

Oakis Puppies is another breeder that breeds cavoodles from purebred poodles that were thoroughly DNA tested and health screened to rule out any potential genetic diseases in their cavoodle puppies. They breed mainly 2nd generation cavoodles using cavoodle ladies bred back to purebred miniature poodle. They sometimes also breed 1st generation cavoodles by mixing Cavalier ladies and miniature Poodle. 

The kennel is located on 22 acres in rural lands of NSW.  Oakies Puppies are full members of Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders and offer all certification papers as well as rehoming service for their puppies throughout their lifetime. They have a good number of testimonials and do look like a reputable breeder with all the extencive health screening that they do.

Cavoodle puppies for sale NSW: Chevromist Kennels

Cavoodle puppies for sale NSW: Chevromist Kennels

Chevromist Kennels aren’t based in New South Wales but in Hoppers Crossing, Vic. However, they offer shipping to Sydney, Adelaide, Brisben, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Newcastle, Perth and Townsville. They are also agents for other breeders who may be closer to where you are. They state that all their cavoodles and parents are DNA health-tested. They have a good testimonials/references page on their website and a Facebook page with over 13 000 followers.

Cavoodle puppies for sale in NSW: Camden Cavoodles

Camden Cavoodles specialize strictly in cavoodles, as you can see from the name. This breeder can boast years of experience and a holiostic approach both to life and to breeding their puppies. They care a lot about the psychological aspects of puppies and puppyhood and make sure they raise socially-adjusted, outgoing and affectionate cavoodles.

According to their site, they have a large area outside where their puppies can run and play which is beneficial for their mental and physical health. All Camden cavoodles are DNA profiled, as well as microchipped, vet checked and dewormed. Looks to us like a very trusty breeder. Beautiful website, too.

Oakhurst Cottage

This is what looks like a family business that provides accommodations AND cavoodle puppies! So if you are ever in need of room and want to adopt a cavoodle puppy, this is it 🙂 But seriously, they do breed cavoodles – namely quality toy and mini cavoodles. It’s hard to say if they do extencive DNA testing but they do the PRA testing in their litters/parents (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). I would request whether they provide testing against other common cavoodle health issues.

Cavoodle puppies from Fluffy Puppies

This breeder is located in the O’Connell Valley near Bathurst, 2.5 hours drive west from Sydney. They breed various cross breeds such as cavoodles, moodles, shoodles and schnoodles. They provide RSPCA inspection certificate and vet audit certificate on their website. They look like a trustable breeder, but we would request whether they DNA -test their parent dogs for common cavoodle conditions before breeding, and whether puppies are health -screened.

Cavoodle puppies from Country puppies

Country puppies is a small breeding kennel in Central West N.S.W. They specialize in cavoodles, moodles and shoodles. They are also vet endorsed, audited and inspected by local authorities. They have lots of good testimonials as well. Again, it is somewhat unclear if they do thorough DNA screening and health-testing of their parents before breeding. If you go with this breeder, we would advise to ask them directly whether they do.

Cavoodle puppies for sale in NSW: Billabong Creek Farm

Billabong Creek Farm is another cavoodle breeder in New South Wales. They breed toy and miniature cavoodles of various colors. They breed F1 cavoodles from spaniel mothers and poodle fathers, all PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) tested. They pride themselves in the high quality parents they use for breeding, and great temperament in their cavoodle puppies. 

They have been breeding for over 22 years. They provide a 10 point health check sheet with their puppies and a written mandatory government health guarantee for three years. They look like a very respectable breeder indeed. But again it is unclear whether they health screen and test the parents and litters for a multitude of potential issues or not. We couldn’t find that info on their website. It’s up to you to ask.

Waratah Park Puppies

Waratah Puppies offer high quality cavoodles to families. Their puppies are thoroughly health checked by vets, vaccinated, dewormed and micro-chipped. According to their website, they pay a lot of attention to training and socialising their puppies prior to  sending them to their forever homes. Their puppies are able to sleep through the night (that’s pretty great for a new puppy!), know how to wear a collar and are ready for lead training.

They are also ready to be potty-trained (or rather house trained) right when they arrive to your home, and are supposed to do quite well with toilet training. Waratah Park Puppies has won awards as a business and are known for breeding and raising puppies for children with Autism or on the spectrum. All in all they look like a wonderful breeder although we didn’t find the information on whether they provide full DNA screening of their parents before screening. Ask them about this if you decide to go with this breeder.


CavoodleLove is another cavoodle breeder located in the beautiful Lower Hunter, NSW.  They are a mother-daughter team dedicated to breeding cavoodles raised in loving family environment. Their focus is to provide the new family with a high quality, affectionate companion cavoodle who will bring happiness to the new home.

They use best practices in breeding and monitor their puppies and moms’ health and well-being thoroughly. The cost of their cavoodles is $3500 for all colours. This breeder does provide full DNA testing and health screening of parents before breeding. They are definitely a reputable breeder that we can recommend. They also encourage prospective buyers to visit their kennels and meet their dogs and puppies. Overall, I recommend contacting this breeder.


Note: I obviously cannot guarantee the 100% truthfulness of information provided above simply because I can’t visit each of these breeders and make sure everything they said on their sites is true. We simply provide an overview of information already given by these breeders on their website to help you narrow down the cavoodle breeders you might want to contact.

I hope this little list has been helpful and that you can find a breeder that will give you the puppy of your dreams. As always, we recommend only to work with breeders that provide full DNA testing and screening to ensure that the puppies are free of the common health issues that can be passed down from Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Good luck in finding your cavoodle puppy!

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