Cavapoo rescue: cavapoo adoption guide

Normally you would address a breeder if you are hoping to get a new cavapoo puppy, but it’s not the only way, and not always the best way for everyone. Every year a certain number of cavapoo rescue dogs ends up in various rescue organisations. It can be a sad thing in the life of a dog, but sometimes unavoidable as their human’s life circumstances change and there is just no place for a dog in it anymore.

People change where they live, get busy jobs where they can’t afford time and energy to their cavapoo. People relocate to non-pet-friendly places. Families often break up and cavapoo care becomes something of an afterthought (not to judge!)

Another reason there are always cavapoo rescues available is that sometimes people develop new allergies to their pets, or old, milder allergies flare up and become too much to tolerate. Cavapoo are designed to be the least allergenic of many other breeds, but no dog is truly hypoallergenic. (Not even pure poodles).

With stress and other environmental factors on the rise, it is no wonder that sometimes pet allergies get out of control and the number of sufferers is growing, as well as allergy severity. In such circumstances, people simply make the best choices for them – and sometimes the choice is to part with their lovely cavapoo.

Yet another reason why cavapoos end up in rescue is potential behavior problems. Cavapoo are bred to be wonderful family pets – affectionate, loving and well-socialised. However, sometimes a dog may have some undesirable traits – whether from birth or developed during its life. It could be anything from separation anxiety, aggression (in general or towards children, for example), excitability or a penchant for chewing on furniture.

A good cavapoo owner would never send their cavapoo to rescue for any of these reasons and rather work with the cavapoo to improve the situation. But some new cavapoo owners underestimate the work or are not ready to invest time in building a better relationship with their cavapoo and instead decide to sever it altogether.

One thing to mention here is that if a person has purchased their cavapoo from a reputable breeder, it is normally stated in the contract that the breeder would accept the dog back in case the new owner can’t keep the dog for any reason. This is perhaps why the number of cavapoo rescues is not as big as it could be, and it’s a great thing for the dogs. However, not all breeders are a 100% conscientious, and bad situations still happen when a cavapoo ends up in rescue.

It’s honorable that you want to find a cavapoo rescue that needs a home, who could be an older dog, or a dog with behavioural issues, or simply not a cute puppy anymore (although cavapoo are cute at any age.)  The good part for you is that the cavapoo rescue will cost much less than a cavapoo purchased from a breeder. The good thing for the little cavapoo rescue is, well, he or she gets a new life!

Look online

Everything is online nowadays, and there is a big chance you will find your sweet little cavapoo rescue on one of the local sites or social networks. Check your local classifieds websites, such as craigslist and kijiji. Simply enter “cavapoo” or “cavoodle” or even “cavadoodle” in search and see if there is anyone needing to re-home their cavapoo. You might just find the right person and both of you win.

Note: be cautious with breeders advertising on craigslist. While it’s not impossible, most breeders have their own websites and long wait lists. It’s unlikely that a conscientious breeder would advertise their puppies on classifieds website.

Check a social network site like Facebook as well 

Did you know that Facebook, like Google, can be now considered a search engine? That means you can actually search for things on Facebook. Simply type cavapoo, cavoodle or cavadoodle in the search bar and see if any local groups, organisations or posts come up. You may just find what you are looking for.

Go to SPCA website

Check out your local SPCA website and see if there is a cavapoo / cavoodle needing a new home. You can also check other websites like Petfinder, Adoptapet or local dog rescue sites in your area to see if there is a cavoodle available anywhere close to you.

What to do if you found a cavapoo rescue available for adoption

So you found your cavapoo rescue on a local website or Facebook group? Congratulations!

First of all, be cautious and don’t rush into anything, no matter how exciting it may be. You may have already seen the pictures of the little cavapoo needing a new home and you feel like you are falling in love?

First, double check everything. Ask the person who is giving the cavapoo away (or SPCA if it’s an organisation) all the questions you need to ask to know as much about the animal as possible. Why is the cavapoo in rescue? How long have they been in rescue?

What was their situation in their old home? What behavioural issues, if any, do they have? Is there anything wrong with their health? What type of temperament do they have? Are they good with children (if you have kids). Do they have separation anxiety? Do they need lots of therapy / work before they can be better?

All of those questions are very important to ask before you make any decisions. They will help you understand if you and the little cavapoo rescue are indeed a good match. If anything bothers you, or troubles you, don’t be afraid to hold off. Don’t feel bad for the dog.

Yes, it’s sad that they are in rescue and need a kind person to take them in and help them, but can it be you? Will you really be able to handle the issues the dog might present?

Try to consider your abilities and commitment with as much objectivity as possible. There are lots of other people looking for a cavapoo rescue to take into their homes, and they might be better equipped to help this particular dog than you. For example, if a dog has separation anxiety, and you have long hours at work, the cavapoo will be better off going to some older lady’s home who is retired and would love to spend most of her day with the dog.

If you feel like you are a good match to the dog, request a visit. Go see the dog before you decide on taking it in. Play with it, watch it’s behaviour, see if you can build rapport with it. Your intuition will likely tell you if this little cavapoo is for you or not.

Be careful with people requesting any financial transactions online. Don’t send money for anything before you see the dog and decide on taking it in, not even small adoption fees that some people ask for. A lot of people ask for an adoption fee to make sure you can actually afford the cavapoo and all the care that it may need, so adoption fees are not necessarily a bad thing.

But a less honest person could simply use “adoption fee” trick as a way to scam you out of some money, so just be careful. Most likely you won’t get tricked into anything and will simply end up with a sweet new cavapoo companion, so don’t let me intimidate you. But it never hurts to be cautious.

If you do take in this new cavapoo home – our congratulations and now you have some work to do. Prepare your home for the new puppy. You can read about how to do it on this website. Ask the previous owner about the puppy’s / adult cavapoo diet, what they are used to, what their bad (and good) habits are. Most likely they will tell you everything you need to know about the dog as they are probably as interested in the dog’s well-being as you are.

You might get a little stressed in the first few days if it’s your first dog or a first cavapoo. A new dog can disrupt a family’s normal life and it’s always a stressful thing to introduce a new member of the family into the home. Don’t despair.

Give it a few days, let the dog settle into the new routine and get used to you and the rules in your home. Realise that it is likely much more stressful for the dog to be in an entirely new place, surrounded by the new people. It probably misses its old owner too. Any behavioural issues can be very normal at this stage, such as whining or a bit of separation anxiety or frightful behaviour.

Try to comfort the dog as much as you can, and in a few weeks you will realise it’s just part of your family now and you’ll wonder how you have lived without it for so long.

We hope your search of cavapoo rescue is successful and thanks for wanting to adopt a cavapoo from rescue!

Check out other cavapoo breeders out there, such as Reputable cavapoo breeders UK, Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, Canada, and Cavapoo breeders in Alberta, Canada. You can also learn about Cavapoo Pros and Cons in our article here



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59 Responses

  1. K says:

    Is it possible to email me if a female toy cavapoo or cavoodle puppy is available please? Or link me to a referral anywhere in the Americas. My darling of 11 yrs. just crossed over the rainbow bridge to play in God’s garden.

  2. Carol Mitchell says:

    I recently purchased two Cavapoo puppies. Apricot male DOB 8/9/19 and a Tri Color (mostly black) female DOB 8/23/19. I dearly love them but my husband is continually complaining about them to me and stating we didn’t need any more puppies at our ages. (62 & 64). I am looking to find both of them a loving home. Both are up to date on shots and are in great health. It breaks my heart but I can not take his constant complaining to me. I live in the Tampa, FL area.

    • Debra Diaz says:

      Carol, I have a neighbor here in the SF Bay area interested. Can she have one? Debra, 415.233.2913

    • Barbara Shockley says:

      Do you still have the puppies ?

    • Alexis Santos says:

      I am the best person to take care of your puppies in my loving home. I believe my home is the best interest. I have kids that would love a furry best friend!

    • Brenda Crone says:

      Are they still available?

    • Lara Goodwin says:

      I am interested! Can you please email me?

    • Allen Castleman says:

      I live in Tampa Carol Mitchell and my husband and I are looking for a puppy. I am familiar with the Cavapoo breed and have read about them. We are retired and live in North Tampa. Are the pups still available?

      • Brianne Kelly says:

        Hi my name is Brianne Kelly and my husband and I and our 3 children live on SI , NY and we would love to ADOPT/rescue a female puppy like a cavapoo!!! I lost my 12 year old boxer puppy a few years ago and my children are so anxious to get a new puppy to love!! I have a fenced in yard too!! If anyone has a female puppy that needs a loving home can U please email me—
        Thanks very very much!

    • suzanne Caldwell says:

      Curious if you found a home for your dogs?

    • Joan says:

      I am very interested in your puppies! We lost our two Chihuahuas to heart disease last year and I miss them so much. My brother has a Cavdoodle (Molly) and I love her! We are in NC, have 2 acres of yard to play in and our vet is within walking distance. Please, if you have not re-homed these puppies, I would love to have them in our home. I will come and pick up! Thanks so much!

    • Polly Schiff says:

      Please call me, i’m in Boca Raton
      i’m looking for a cavapoo!

    • shamim says:

      hello, can I please get some information and pictures. Thank you

    • Niela says:

      Hi Carol,

      I am not sure if your puppies are still available but my husband and I have a Cavapoo and are looking for a sibling for her. Let me know if they are still available please!

    • Jackie Johnston says:

      Do you still have them. I just lost mine

    • B. Mesh says:

      My aunt lost hers and is actively looking for a female cavapoo. This would such a blessing for her, she has a home in Miami Florida that’s fenced. She’s home except on Friday when she works for 5 hours. Otherwise she’s home. Please send me an email, and I can get you both connected. She has everything needed to care for a fur baby. It would mean so much if I could help facilitate her getting a new pup.

    • Diane M. Raymond says:

      Carol, did you find a home for your Cavapoo puppies. Probably so. I hope ;you did not split them up. I have one that belongs to my grandchildren that will be going home in three weeks and am looking for a pair. I am retired, and would prefer to find a pair that needs to be rehomed. They are such loving, sweet animals.

    • Kimberly says:

      Dear Carol,

      I don’t know when you posted this, but if your dogs are still available, I’d love to give one of them a loving home. Are they a bonded pair?

      Many thanks,


    • Do you still have the puppies?

    • Rupa says:

      Hi Carol,

      Are either of your Cavapoo dogs still available? I am a pediatrician living alone in Brooklyn.

      Many thanks for your time,

    • hi carol do you still have the babies for adoption?

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Carol. Did you find a home for your pups? We are in Tampa and Looking to adopt. We have two daughters who are hunting for a pet friend. Thanks

    • Nancy Hagerman says:

      Do you still have your puppies? I have a female Cavapoo born 8-28-2019 Would love to have a playmate. Please contact me if available. I am very sorry for your loss! We are 66 and 72.

    • Mike Flanders says:

      Carol , have you sold your Cavapoo puppies. We live in the Florida panhandle and would be very interested.

    • michele watson says:

      Have you found someone? I am interested and live in Jensen Beach FL. Email me at

    • Kari Granger says:

      We are looking for one and have a 6 yr old girl who would love one!

    • Dolores M Betancourt says:

      Not sure if this is too late, I live in Miami, Fl and would love to adopt your cavapoo femal dog.
      Please let me know, thanks.

    • Alisha says:

      Do you still have them?
      I’ve been looking everywhere and I would love to rehome one of them

    • Krista says:

      Are your puppies still available? We just lost our 14 year old golden retriever. We have a 7 year old golden doodle. She is the biggest sweetheart. She misses her friend. My kids are so sad. We’ve been looking for a Cavapoo for emotional support for the family.

    • Sherri Henderson says:

      Are these puppies/dogs still available! Would love to see pics if possible. Thank you so so much. I am 63 and my husbands and I are looking to adopt a new dog. We had a peek-a-pop who recently crossed the rainbow bridge after 17 years.

    • Fran says:

      Are they still available? I live in palm coast, fl , my daughter in tampa

    • Bill says:

      My wife and I live in St. Augustine , we are stay at home people and lookin to adopt a Cavapoo . We would be will to drive down and pick it up. Please email me if one is still available. Thanks.

    • Tom says:

      I can’t tell how recent you post is. Are your dogs still available?

  3. Debra says:

    Hi Carol, I have a neighbor who loves our pure bred for show Cavelier, but can’t be shown as he only has one testicle. I’m suggesting a Cavapoo. How much are you looking to get for one of your puppies? You can always call me at 415.233.2913. Thank you, Debra

  4. mariangel says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I gave my Labradoodle to my daughter in law and miss a dog terribly. Please send me the picture of the Apricot one.

  5. Robert McNally!! says:

    Carol. I have family in the area and would like to consider your two puppies.

  6. I would b interested. I live alone & would live the company. I have had a dog for 13 yrs but not any longer. Please contact me

  7. Bonnie Gallagher says:

    Carol, my husband and I are looking for two cavapoos to share with our granddaughter next door. We both have houses with a fence. If you still have them and want to adopt them out please let me know.We live in the Jensen Beach area on the Treasure Coast. Thank you.

  8. Christine says:

    My 8 year old and I would love to foster and/or adopt a Cavapoo as soon as possible. If anyone can help us, please email us at

  9. Susan Potasnik says:

    I am eager to adopt a cavapoo pup or adult . Can provide a great loving home and safe environment
    Please contact ASAP.

  10. Susie says:

    We are interested in adopting a Cavapoo and live in St Louis, MO and Sarasota ,FL.We have a fenced yard and lots of love and care to offer! We lost our pup after 13 great years and are ready to have a new member of our family.
    Thank you please email

  11. Larisa says:

    I am looking for a cavipoo to share my life with
    Lots of love
    Family, Beach, and parks
    Let me know if still available

  12. Jean says:

    I just lost my 15 year old Bichon and am missing having a loving dog in my home. I’m very interested in having a Cavipoo- preferably an older dog available for rescue. I live in Maryland and am willing to drive a reasonable distance.

  13. Joe says:

    Looking for a Cavapoo adult dog for adoption. Colorado couple seeking buddy for their Westie and would like to find a Cavapoo or other hypoallergenic dog, not a puppy of small to medium size. Willing to pay reasonable rehoming fee.

  14. Rob Fierstein says:

    Looking to adopt/rescue a Cavoodle. Have a loving home. An adult and/or senior would be fine.

  15. Rob Fierstein says:

    In NYC. Looking to adopt/rescue an adult/senior Cavoodle. Loving home.

  16. Carol, or anyone who has a Cavapoo that need a good home please e-mail , me with the price & your location. picture and health of puppy.

  17. Dan Donaldson says:

    Am most interested to receive a rescue Root beer colored Cavapoo puppy.

  18. Rebecca Clark says:

    I am very interested in purchasing a Cavapoo dog. Please contact me if you need to rehome your dog!

  19. betty says:

    so very interested! we have a 15 yr old love cavapoo .She has been the best member of our family
    I always wished that she had a sibling/ we tried to adopt her sister but she was already gone when we asked We love our Murphy so much
    2 would be great

  20. Maureen Foley says:

    looking for a cavapoo to rescue. It doesn’t have to be a puppy. I Live in new york. If they are out there and need a home let me know.

  21. JANET says:

    Dear Carol,
    I’m sorry for your situation and I’m sure it breaks your heart to be in this position and I’m not sure whether or not you have the two Cavapoos, but they should be kept together! I recently had to send my little guy to heaven and miss him so much. My Cavapoo was Mikey and I had him for sixteen years. If you still have them and want them to stay together, I’ll be happy to speak with you! I’m in a house and have a fenced back yard for exercise and play!

  22. Neri Frank says:

    I live in NYC and am looking to rescue, adopt, or rehome a Cavapoo puppy. I just do not want to breed a dog. Any advice?

  23. admin says:


  24. Looking for a cavapoo to adopt. For my 2 year olds. Live in md

  25. Joyce says:

    I want I cavapoo

  26. michele watson says:

    Can you please contact me if they are still available? I live in Jensen Beach, FL.

    • Michele Shampine says:

      Wanting a cavapoo lost our dog 1-1/2yrs ago and we are wanting to hear the pitter patter in out house again..Athens,Tn but will drive for a new baby..we are retired..

  27. Ruth Stewart says:

    CAROL MITCHELL Its your husband you need to get rid of does he not know it is a fact dogs will keep you younger and healthy. rRtirement age or near retirement is a very good time to have a dog, it helps you get excerise. He complains about the dog, whats next for him to complain about, I am sure it will be something. Bye Bye George

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