Cavapoo puppies – Texas. List of cavapoo breeders in Texas

Cavapoo breeders in Texas:

Looking for cavapoo breeders in Texas? I hope this little list will help you find the good breeder that has cavapoo puppies in Texas and bring you and your dream puppy together!

Unfortunately, after extensive research, I found that there aren’t really that many cavapoo breeders in Texas, so I supplemented this list with a few breeders out of state and in the neighboring states.

Cavapoo breeders in Texas

A lot of breeders these days can safely ship puppies via airmail or with puppy nannies (people that will fly with your puppy to deliver it to you), so even if a breeder seems somewhat far from your hometown, don’t lose hope. You can still get that puppy. Don’t go for the closest breeder to you just because they are close.

I would recommend to instead choose the breeder that seems most reputable and provides the most guarantees related to their puppies health and temperament, and let them ship the puppy to you.

Vicky’s Toy Puppies​ cavapoo breeders in Texas

Vicky's Toy Puppies​ cavapoo breeders in Texas

Vicky’s Toy Puppies​ is another Cavapoo breeder in Texas and is located in Childress, Texas. They breed several smaller cross-breeds and, from what it looks like, they sometimes have an occasional cavapoo litter. They have lots of pictures on their site and look like a small breeder that cares about their puppies. (And also are conveniently located in Texas!)

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This breeder pays a lot of attention to puppy health care and disease prevention and is ready to be of assistance if anything goes wrong with your puppy health-wise. They also give a limited health guarantee to the new owners. Apart from that, you can find some good advice on their website about puppy nutrition, adaptation to the new home, training, socializing, health care and life with a puppy in general.

Check out their website here.

another Cavapoo breeder in Texas

Petit Jean Puppies 

Although this cavapoo breeder is not in Texas but in Arkansas, I think it can be close enough for some of you.

This breeder offers high quality healthy cavapoo puppies, although they also breed cavachons and some golden doodles. They are a USDA Class A Breeder with a License and look very legitimate. They treat their dogs as family and provide them with proper care that you would provide for your family.

Petit Jean Puppies perform multiple health tests and screenings and DNA genetic tests on every one of their dogs. They also make sure they give their dogs best food and medication available to keep them in top health. Improving the breed is their passion and motto, and it seems like they really stand behind their words.

This breeder has lots of information on their site about purchasing a cavapoo with them, puppy delivery (if you live far), all the necessary documentation, puppy health care, training and socialization.

Cavapoo breeders in Texas: Calla Lily Cavapoo

I highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for a cavapoo breeder in Texas and don’t mind going a little out of state to Arkansas. Check out Petit Jean Puppies’s website.

Cavapoo breeders in Texas: Calla Lily Cavapoo

Calla Lily Cavapoo are an exclusive cavapoo puppies breeder in Oklahoma. Apart from being a cavapoo puppies breeder, they are also a large and loving family of 6! They do not breed any other breeds but cavapoo.

Within the cavapoo, they only breed F1 cavapoo (a first-generation cross of cavalier and poodle). These breeders really care about where they place their puppies, trying to only find the best loving families for their cavapoo.

They also pay a lot of attention to raising their puppies healthy and happy by providing thorough care, excellent nutrition and medical care, and also socialising their puppies to become happy and easy-going adult cavapoo. Calla Lily Cavapoo keep their puppies till around 9 weeks of age before they let them go, and start potty training of the puppies right at their kennel.

Calla Lily Cavapoo really care about your experience as a new cavapoo owner too, and try to prepare the puppies to be the well-behaved dogs that know how to behave in their new homes.

Check out Calla Lily Cavapoo here.

breeder is in North Carolina and not Texas

Recherche Cavs

This breeder is in North Carolina and not Texas, but if you can afford a trip, do take a look at this breeder.

Recherche Cavs offers well-trained cavapoo, as opposed to other breeders out there. So, if you don’t want to put too much time in training your puppy or don’t have the time needed, check them out 🙂

There are a few other things that make this breeder stand out. They explain that their dogs are the best pedigreed dogs out there. They only choose the best lines of dogs for breeding, and most of their lines are imported from Europe, since Europe has had higher breeding standards than the US and has a better genetic diversity when it comes to cavapoo.


All cavapoo parents are thoroughly tested – both their genetics and their health – to ensure that the resulting puppies are of best health possible.

As I already mentioned, this breeder offers already trained puppies. I do like this approach – after all, training puppies is a job and who can be better at a job than a professional? Recherche Cav have an extensive puppy training program at their premises and that every puppy starts going through starting with 5-6 weeks of age.

Their team of professional trainers trains each puppy until the puppy is about 10 weeks old and ready to go to their new home.

Of course, the fees for their puppies are higher than at any other breeder, but Recherche Cav is not worried about finding clients. Moreover, they are happy to place their puppies for higher prices as it ensures the seriousness of the client’s intent to have a cavapoo and invest into it as much as needed.

This cavapoo breeder also makes sure your process of getting a cavapoo puppy is smooth and painless for both you and the puppy. They are organised and professional in everything from their website to how they handle their communication with you and organise all aspects of puppy purchase.

Definitely check out this breeder if you are interested in high -quality, well-bred and well-trained cavapoo puppies.

Cavapoo breeders in Texas: Teeny Tiny Teacups

Teeny Tiny Teacups are a cavapoo breeder in Louisiana. Their approach to raising puppies is family-based: their little cavapoo grow up in their home and get lots of attention from all family members including children. They are well-socialised from the earliest age and are used to being surrounded by a large family including small kids.

This breeder emphasises thorough puppy health care and put a lot of effort into preventative care such as vaccinations and vet check-ups. Teeny Tiny Teacups have a waiting list that you will need to join while waiting for your puppy, which is based on first come first serve principle.

They have a nice gallery where you can have a look at their puppies and some information on choosing the puppy, puppy care and some general info on cavapoo breed. They also have a pretty sweet Instagram account. Check out Teeny Tiny Teacups’s new website here.


I hope this list of Texas cavapoo breeders will be helpful in your search for a cavapoo. If you know of another Cavapoo breeder in Texas or perhaps you are a cavapoo breeder in Texas – drop me a line and I will add you to this list 😉 

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