Cavapoo puppies Ohio – list of Cavapoo breeders in Ohio

Are you looking for Cavapoo puppies in Ohio? It’s not always easy to find a good breeder you can trust. Please always do your research and check out my guide on how to find a good cavapoo breeder here. I listed a few breeders from Ohio area below. I hope this helps you in your search.

Cavapoo breeders in Ohio: Foxglove Farm

Cavapoo breeders in Ohio: Foxglove Farm

This is an Ohio-based kennel (Lucas!) that is run by Terry Cross, who has been breeding dogs for over 30 years. They breed cavachons and cavapoo. Terry has worked a lot as a vet technician, obedience trainer and in other roles where handling dogs was the primary role, so he really knows what a good dog should be like. This is why he pays attention to forming his cavapoo personalities just as much as he does to breeding healthy, happy and beautiful dogs.

Terry’s site has a nice blog, a great photo gallery, lots of good tips on raising cavapoo and cavachons. 

Another Cavapoo breeder in Ohio

Another Cavapoo breeder in Ohio: Our Family Cavaliers

Our Family Cavaliers is a small family cavapoo breeder in Ohio located in the central state. They also breed cavaliers as well as cavapoo. Our Family Cavaliers breed lovely, affectionate, well-behaved and well-temperamented dogs that would be a great addition to any family. They have a great gallery with info and pictures about puppies that are for sale, and some really nice reviews from past customers on their website, as well as a lot of photos of the new owners with their cavapoo.

They don’t have a section with extensive information on cavapoo or their breeding standers, so do inquire about that if you contact this breeder.

Cavapoo Cuties

Cavapoo Cuties is a cavapoo breeder based in Columbus, Ohio. They have a nice website with a gorgeous photo gallery, but not that much information about their puppies or their breeding standards. Check out their website here.

Cavapoo breeders in Ohio: Kelly’s Cavapoos/Cockapoos

Cavapoo breeders in Ohio: Kelly's Cavapoos

Kelly’s Cavapoos/Cockapoos is another cavapoo breeder in Ohio who breeds cockapoos and cavapoos on a smaller scale. She has a nice following and I recommend checking out her page to see if she has any puppies. I don’t think she has a website at this point.

Since there aren’t as many cavapoo breeders in Ohio, here are a few breeders from the nearby states

My Joy Cavapoos

My Joy Cavapoos is a cavapoo breeder near Ohio in Bloomington,  Indiana. It’s a family-run cavapoo breeder that raises home-grown puppies with delightful outgoing and sweet personality. This breeder only breeds first generation (F1 cavapoo) from healthy parents. Their cavapoo are gentle, do not bark, are of excellent health, loyal, patient with children and overall are a pleasure to have around the house. 

Since they are home-grown and raised, My Joy Cavapoos puppies are well-socialised from an early age. This breeder owns the parent dogs and those are the dogs they seem to always breed so they breed puppies with consistent quality temperament and health.

cavapoo breeder near Ohio

They have a great photo gallery on their site and multiple reviews from their past customers. They are a little ways away from Ohio, located in neighbouring Indiana, and they do not ship puppies via air. However they do meet their clients at the Indianapolis Airport when they fly in to pick the puppy up, or you could always drive there.

If you are ready to inquire about a potential litter, contact My Joy Cavapoo on their website or on their Facebook page here.

Millers’ Designer Cavapoo Puppies – a cavapoo breeder near Ohio

Millers’ Designer Cavapoo Puppies is an exclusive cavapoo breeder located in Kinzers, Pennsylvania. Despite the word “designer” in the title, Dave & Edna’s main goal is to breed healthy, well-socialized puppies and be as transparent with their customers as possible. They are a small family kennel and raise home-grown puppies with love and affection.

They are definitely not a puppy mill. Check out their Facebook page here. You will find pictures, updates and news about their previous puppies and upcoming litters. I am not sure at this point if they ship their puppies out of state, so you would have to inquire about that.

Cavapoo breeders in Ohio and puppies

Cavapoo breeders in Ohio: Stone Bridge Puppies

Stone Bridge Puppies is another cavapoo breeder located in Allenwood PA.  They are a small family run kennel specializing in small and large breed poodle mixes. They definitely look like a good, reputable breeder. They do put a lot of effort into keeping their puppies healthy. All of their dogs are vet checked, regularly vaccinated and dewormed to maintain their top health.

This breeder also offers a genetic health guarantee on every puppy they sell, which is always a good sign. They have a lot of good information on their website, including information about their puppies, gallery and pictures of new litters and puppies for sale, lists of their males and females and prices for their puppies. I am not sure of they ship their puppies as I couldn’t find that information on their website. If you are interested in this cavapoo breeder and can make a trip to Pennsylvania, check out their website here.

King Mountain Doodles

This is another cavapoo breeder in Pennsylvania, located in Mcveytown, PA. They breed cavapoos and also Bernadoodles. This is a kennel based on a 100 acres of woods, fields and meadows. This is a home-based, family-run cavapoo kennel where puppies are homegrown and socialized from an early age around other members of the family including children. 

King Mountain Doodles are committed to providing quality, happy, and healthy  Cavapoo puppies to new owners. They are very selective in choosing the adult dogs for breeding and only allow the best of the best to create litters, resulting in healthy, vibrant, well-behaved and affectionate puppies. King Mountain Doodles puppies come to their new owners with a full two-year health guarantee and lifetime support.

They are always up to date on their vaccinations and have been dewormed regularly and thoroughly checked by the vet.

King Mountain Doodles send a detailed vet record with each puppy. This breeder pays particular attention to preventing parvo virus and parasites in their puppies. They also send a little puppy care package with samples of puppy food, a care guide and a toy that the puppy is already familiar with. They seem like a very soulful breeder that approaches their work with love and affection for both the cavapoo and their future new owner.

Apart from everything else, this breeder has a great website with all the information you could ever need, photos, puppy application forms, health guarantee forms and more. I definitely recommend contacting them if you are looking for a reputable, trusted cavapoo breeder and don’t mind traveling to Pennsylvania to pick up your puppy. Of course, you can also find out if they would ship your puppy to you instead.

I hope this little list will help you in your search for cavapoo puppies in Ohio!

If you are looking for a cavapoo to adopt, check out our articles on how to find a reputable breeder. You can find such breeders in: Reputable cavapoo breeders UK, Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, Canada, and Cavapoo breeders in Alberta, Canada. You can also adopt a puppy from Cavapoo Rescue. Don’t forget to read about Cavapoo pros and cons.

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    We are Cavapoo breeders and we live in Ohio. We are a small kennel breeding small litters concentrating on having well adjusted healthy pups. We do neurostimulation, puppy temperament tests and socialization with our pups. We feed them good food and wean them to the best possible food using goat milk and raw meat. They are herbal dewormed and cared for with utmost care and oversight of a vet tech in the family. Would it be possible to get a listing here on this site. We are not interested in being listed with the puppy mills.

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