Cavapoo puppies for sale in PA – list of cavapoo breeders in PA

Cavapoo breeders PA: Finding Cavapoo puppies in PA

If you are looking for cavapoo puppies for sale in PA (Pennsylvania), this post is for you. Sometimes I publish these posts where I go through a list of breeders for a state, check out their websites to see how legitimate and trusty they look, and present you with a list in hopes it will help you sift through and find only the best breeders out there. I hope this list will help you find the best cavapoo breeders in PA.

Cavapoo breeders PA: Finding Cavapoo puppies in PA

Cavapoo breeders in PA: Millers’ Designer Cavapoo Puppies 

Millers’ Designer Cavapoo Puppies is a cavapoo breeder in PA, located in Kinzers, Pennsylvania. The word “designer” in their title might make you feel a bit off, but there is really nothing vain about this breeder. Dave & Edna strive to produce healthy, well socialised cavapoo puppies and are as transparent and honest with their customers as possible.

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Millers’ Designer Cavapoo Puppies is a small family kennel. They  raise home-grown puppies with love and affection. Check out their Facebook page here. You will find pictures, updates and news about their previous puppies and upcoming litters. I am not sure at this point if they ship their puppies out of state, so you would have to inquire about that. 

Cavapoo breeders in PA: Millers’ Designer Cavapoo Puppies 

This is definitely not a puppy mill and I do recommend checking them out. They might not have as many litters per year / at a time, but you will work with someone caring very much about you and the puppies.

Stone Bridge Puppies

Stone Bridge Puppies is another breeder offering Cavapoo puppies for sale in PA. They are located in Allenwood PA.  They are a small family run kennel specialising in small and large breed poodle mixes.

They definitely look like a good, reputable breeder. They do put a lot of effort into keeping their puppies healthy. All of their dogs are vet checked, regularly vaccinated and dewormed to maintain their top health. This breeder also offers a genetic health guarantee on every puppy they sell, which is always a good sign.

They have a lot of good information on their website, including information about their puppies, gallery and pictures of new litters and puppies for sale, lists of their males and females and prices for their puppies. I am not sure if they ship their puppies as I couldn’t find that information on their website. If you are interested in this cavapoo breeder and can make a trip to Pennsylvania, check out their website here.

Cavapoo breeders in PA - cavapoo pup looking in the camera

Cavapoo breeders in PA: Whistle Hill Puppies

Whistle Hill Puppies is another cavapoo breeder in PA, located in Denver, PA. Apart from cavapoo, they also breed Minature Schnauzers, Mini Bernedoodles and Pomsky. This is a is a small, family-owned kennel. At  Whistle Hill Puppies, they treat their dogs as their family – right until a puppy goes to their new family.

This breeder strives to follow to the highest-quality breeding standards, producing puppies that are healthy, happy and free of genetic disorders. They are a five-star breeder as acknowledged by the American Canine Association and take great pride in every placed puppy. Apart from everything else, they have a truly gorgeous website with sections about cavapoo nutrition, frequently asked questions and testimonials.

On their website you can also see pictures of their available puppies. You can fill in a puppy application form right on the website as well. They do require a deposit. All in all, I would recommend checking out this breeder as they do seem reputable.

King Mountain Doodles

King Mountain Doodles is another cavapoo breeder in Pennsylvania. They are based in Mcveytown, PA. They breed cavapoos and also bernadoodles. This is a kennel based on a 100 acres of woods, fields and meadows. This is a home-based, family-run cavapoo kennel where puppies are home grown and socialised from an early age around other members of the family including children. 

King Mountain Doodles are committed to providing quality, happy, and healthy  Cavapoo puppies to the new owners. They are very selective in choosing the adult dogs for breeding and only allow the best of the best to create litters, resulting in healthy, vibrant, well-behaved and well-temperamented puppies.

King Mountain Doodles puppies come to their new owners with a full two year health guarantee and lifetime support. They are always up to date on their vaccinations and have been dewormed regularly and thoroughly checked by the vet.

King Mountain Doodles send a detailed vet record with each puppy. This breeder pays particular attention to preventing parvo virus and parasites in their puppies. They also send a little puppy care package with samples of puppy food, a care guide and a toy that the puppy is already familiar with. They seem like a very soulful breeder that approach their work with love and affection for both the cavapoo and their future new owner.

Apart from everything else, this breeder has a great website with all the information you could ever need, photos, puppy application forms, health guarantee forms and more. I definitely recommend contacting them if you are looking for a reputable, trustable cavapoo breeder and don’t mind travelling to Pennsylvania to pick up your puppy. Of course, you can also find out if they would ship your puppy to you instead.

Cavapoo breeders in PA: Lapark Cavaliers

LaPark Cavaliers is a family-run business mostly specialising in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies for sale in the PA, MD, and DE tri-state area, but they also sometimes have cavapoo from what I can see on their website. This is a home based, family-run kennel, something of a family hobby for this breeder. Because they are family-raised, their cavapoo are well-socialised, affectionate and outgoing.

Having been breeding cavaliers and cavapoo for more than fifteen years, this breeder definitely knows what they are doing when breeding puppies. They care a lot about the health of their dogs and puppies, as well as their good temperament. All puppies are dewormed and go to their new homes with health guarantee.

Their site looks somewhat new and probably doesn’t have all the information they were planning to post yet (I am just assuming here), but you can check out their beautiful gallery of their puppies and litters that are ready to go to the new homes. I would recommend checking this breeder out.

Cavapoo breeders in PA: Jones Farm

Jones Farm is another cavapoo breeder in PA. It is actually a small family farm raising Nigerian Dwarf goats, chickens and other animals, as well as cavapoo puppies! They breed their Cavapoos back to a Poodle (F1B), to encourage non shedding and hypo-allergenic puppies.

All of their parent dogs are genetically tested and strictly selected before allowing into breeding. Every puppy is vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped before leaving for their forever homes. They cavapoo puppies are raised as family members and are surrounded by people, children and other animals from a very early age.

This ensures that puppies grow up with nice, even temperament, affectionate and well-socialised. This breeder has a really interesting site talking about their farm and their puppies – check out their huge gallery of cavapoo puppy images for extreme cuteness. All in all, do check this breeder out


I hope this small list of cavapoo breeders in PA will help you find your puppy as soon as possible and make a good choice between available breeders. If you are a cavapoo breeder in PA, let me know and I will add you to my list!

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