Cavapoo price – how much do cavapoo cost?

Short answer: If you are looking for a pet quality puppy, the price of your cavapoo may vary from around $1000 to 2000$ with the average being around $1200 – $1500. If you want to breed your cavapoo and be able to show them at dog shows, the dogs with breeding rights may cost anywhere from $2300 to $10000 depending on how high the quality of the dog is.

Good for you for deciding on getting a cavapoo puppy. You are inviting a whole lot of love and fun into your life (and potentially some wet dog kisses!) Of course, as with everything else in life, there is the financial question. How much will your cavoodle puppy cost? What is the average cavapoo price?

The answer to this question is not so simple. Cavapoo price may vastly vary depending on multiple factors, such as the location of the breeder, how popular the breed is in that particular location, the size of the breeder’s kennel, the lineage of your cavapoo puppy etc.

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One defining factor is whether you are buying a cavapoo puppy purely as a pet (pet quality) or with breeding and show rights. In the latter case, you have a right to breed your cavapoo once they are of age, get puppies from them and participate in dog shows.

Cavapoo price will depend on the quality of the puppy.

If you are looking for a pet quality puppy, the price of your cavoodle may vary from around $1000 to 2000$ with the average being around $1200 – $1500.

If you want to breed your cavapoo and be able to show them at dog shows and earn titles and awards, you will need a cavapoo with breeding rights. Those are extra high-quality dogs with excellent characteristics and premium lineage of parents. These dogs may cost anywhere from $2300 to $10000 depending on how high the quality is. If you are buying that type of cavapoo, you probably know more about cavapoos than I can ever tell you on the pages of this site 🙂

These prices can definitely seem quite hefty. But in reality, you are purchasing (although we like the word adopting more) a friend and a loyal companion for the next 10-15 years of your life. That is priceless. Pets (any pets) can generally cost a lot, including adoption fees and the various things your pet may need throughout its life. But a purebred dog, such as cavapoo, is going to be even more expensive.

A good breeder will spend a significant amount of time and energy, combined with professional knowledge, to breed the litter of healthy cavapoo puppies from quality parents. Breeding by itself costs a lot of money, as it includes various time and finance-consuming aspects such as showing the dogs, getting necessary papers, mating the dogs etc.

Further on, a breeder has to take proper care of the mom of the litter during pregnancy and at birth, which often involves extensive vet care. Once the puppies are born, they often require round-the-clock care (have you ever visited a breeder with new puppies? It’s crazy!) and lots of financial investment into vet services such as vaccinations, checkups, micro chipping etc.

So it is very understandable that the resulting price of a puppy is fairly significant, and this really shouldn’t surprise you.

What should surprise you, or, rather, warn you – is a low price for a puppy. Again, if you are getting a pet quality puppy, their price should ideally be in the range of $1000 to $2000. If someone offers you a puppy for $400 – $600, this has to raise a red flag for you.

If your cavapoo price is significantly out of the ideal range, that might mean that your puppy is coming from a puppy mill. Puppy mills produce large amounts of puppies without proper planning, medical care and any respect/love for the animals.

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Puppies from puppy mills might not even be cavapoos, but rather some other mix that a breeder presents as cavapoo. Puppy mill puppies can also have various health and genetic defects and may carry diseases as they were not raised in proper sanitary environment. They may also have unpredictable temperaments and not have the stable, loving cavapoo temperament that you probably want.

Please don’t support puppy mills, for the love of the puppies and also for your own safety. You don’t want a dog with a bad temperament and unexpected health issues.

If you encounter a very low cavapoo price, you may also be dealing with a scammer. It isn’t very hard in our day and age to set up a basic website and advertise puppies that may not even exist, simply so they can ask for your deposit and then disappear.

In general, breeders asking for deposits aren’t doing anything wrong, it is an accepted practice. However, a scammer may ask for your deposit, luring you in with a low price for your cavapoo, and then simply disappear.

This is yet another reason to be careful and not trust someone asking for a very low cavapoo price when advertising their puppies.

Here is how you can be more careful when picking your cavapoo and the breeder, so that you don’t lose your money and get the best dog you can.

See if the breeder has any online presence. A good breeder will most often have an established website with lots of material and photos of their dogs and puppies. Breeders love showing off their dogs. If there isn’t much material online, it’s always a red flag in terms of the breeder’s authenticity.

Check the breeder’s website, Facebook page, Instagram page and any other social media pages belonging to them. Pay particular attention to reviews. Is there a lot of reviews from former customers? Are there any bad reviews?

Google the breeder to see if any bad mentions/reviews pop up.

Get in touch with the breeder. If they are friendly and open and ready to talk to you about their dogs and puppies or upcoming litters  – it’s a good sign. If they are impersonal and you have a feeling that they just want to push you into buying a puppy right now – stay away from them.

A good breeder will always care about you as their future puppies’ owner just as much as they care about their dogs. They will normally want to ask you lots of questions and find out exactly what kind of dog you are looking for. If you don’t see that approach, they might not be the right breeder for you.

Never allow a breeder to push you into a hasty decision. If you feel any pressure from a breeder, such as “buy the puppy now or they will be gone”, you can end the conversation right there. A good breeder will never push you into making a hasty decision. They will rather encourage you to take your time and give it a good thought.

And of course, be very careful about sending money, even just a deposit, before you know you are dealing with the right breeder for you, that can offer you the right price for the great, healthy, affectionate dog.

Do your research well, do some reading on this and other websites, accept the fact that the price for a good dog will not be low, and you will get your perfect cavapoo 🙂

When thinking of getting a cavapoo puppy, you need to be aware that the cost of the dog will not be the only cost you will have to incur. Here is what you will need to think about when buying a new puppy:

Cost of pick-up/shipping/transportation

If your breeder is far away from where you are, how are you going to get the puppy? You may need to drive a long distance, or have the breeder ship the puppy to you, which may cost extra $50 – $300 depending on distance.

New puppy supplies

You will need new puppy bedding, toys, blankets, food bowl, water bowl, puppy gates, a crate, a leash, a collar. Costs: $100 – 1000$ depending on what you choose to purchase and where. Tip: you can get a lot of this stuff on craigslist, used. (Such as puppy gates for example, or crates!)

Vet visits 

Vet checkups, vaccinations, and medical emergencies can all be pretty costly.

Puppy food

That’s something that you will have to take care not only during your puppy’s “childhood”, but throughout their whole life. Costs depend on what food brand / type you prefer.

Other miscellaneous costs/ expenses

You never know when you need to spend extra for an unexpected vet visit or boarding your puppy in a kennel for a few nights if you need to be out of town, or any other emergency. All in all, it’s good to be prepared and budget more than just the price of your cavapoo.

Remember, getting a new puppy is a big responsibility that includes an undeniable financial aspect to it, so think twice and make sure you are ready for this responsibility.

Good luck and have fun looking for your puppy and then raising them 🙂




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