Cavapoo Owner Reviews: Thelma and Louise the cavapoos from Sydney

Cavapoo Owner Reviews: Thelma and Louise interview

Today we are interviewing Thelma and Louise, the two cavapoo puppies from Sydney, Australia, and their Human parents Yvette and Mat! Follow their adventures at @thelma_louise_the_cavoodles

What is your name?

Yvette & Mat

What is the name of your dogs? Why did you choose those names?

Thelma and Louise because they are two redheads with lots of personality just like the film characters.

How old are they?

They are 4.5 months old

What country and city are you from?

Sydney, Australia

Thelma and Louise cavapoo from Sydney

How did you decide to have a cavapoo and why?

I have asthma and they are great for people with respiratory issues and allergies. Plus they are super cute and so cuddly.

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What is your dogs’ favorite food? Any recommendations on food for other cavapoo owners?

They love Ivory Coat puppy kibble mixed with Greek yoghurt for breakfast and mixed with Wellness Core Puppy formula wet food at dinner. They love a raw chicken wing or premium beef steak mince ball as a special treat.

What are your dogs’ favorite toys or games?

They love the Kong puppy chew stick, my slippers, my husband’s socks, their Kong squishy elephant and rhino and a little squeaky felt packet of fries!

Thelma and Louise cavapoo from Sydney

What do your dogs love doing most?

They love walking and going in the car. We take them everywhere and they love cuddles from their family. My mum plays fetch with them when she baby sits and they love going down the slippery slide on my niece’s lap!

Is there a funny story you could tell us about your cavapoo?

They are completely mystified about cut cucumber ends! They’ve spent hours pawing at them and watching them roll around the floor barking and circling thinking they are little animals! I also witnessed Louise giving Thelma a piggy back a couple of weeks ago which was such a sight. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a pic!

What do you love most about your cavapoo?

They are warm, loving little creatures who just want to be cuddled.

Thelma and Louise cavapoo from Sydney

What are the good sides of having a cavapoo?

They are smart, quick to learn, affectionate and such well-natured dogs

What are some downsides to having a cavapoo?

Having to get up early to take them out to the toilet, but one look at their little faces and all the tiredness goes away.

Do your cavapoo shed much and how do you deal with it?

Not at all for either

Thelma and Louise cavapoo from Sydney

Do you travel with your cavapoo? What do you do when you need to go on vacation? (Pet sitter? Dog hotel? 🙂

We haven’t yet but we are lucky enough to have amazing puppy sitting offers!

Would you recommend other people to have a cavapoo, why or why not?

Absolutely! They are an amazing dog. They are my babies and they are so full of personality that I forget they are dogs sometimes!

Cavapoo or Cavoodle? 😉 (Or cavadoodle?)


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