Cavapoo Owner Reviews: Charli Louise, the cavapoo puppy from Seattle

Cavapoo Owner Reviews: Charli Louise

We are super excited today because we have an interview with Charli Louise, the cavapoo puppy from Seattle, Washington (and her Humom Korin!) Follow Charlie Louise’s adventures on her Instagram at @charlilou_thecavapoo !

What is the name of your dog? Why did you choose that name?

Charli Louise! I had a list full of names, but my grandma absolutely loved the name and to make it a little different we decided to not include the “e.” Louise is from my aunt, so we can always remember her!

How old is Charli?

4 months

What country and city are you from?

U.S. – Seattle, Washington

Charli Louise, the cavapoo puppy from Seattle

How did you decide to have a cavapoo and why?

Chloe was the first puppy I ever got to pick out and she is a cavachon (King Charles Cavalier + Bichon). I absolutely love the Cavalier temperament and I met Charli’s brother in my apartment. Fell absolutely in love with him and called the breeder the next day!

What is your dog’s favorite food? Any recommendations on food for other cavapoo owners?

Origin puppy food! High in protein and she absolutely loves it. Otherwise, we recently started giving her a large cold carrot because it keeps hers busy and feels good on her little piranha teeth!

What are Charli’s favorite toys or games?

Ready, set, go with any ball or squeaky toy, otherwise known as fetch. Bully stick in a round kong toy or peanut butter in a long.

Charli Louise, the cavapoo puppy from Seattle

What does Charli love doing most?

Charli loves going for walks and saying hi to anyone and everyone.  

Is there a funny story you could tell us about your cavapoo?

I haven’t ever met a puppy that loves water so much until Charli. She cries until I let her come in the shower and enjoys walks in the rain!

What do you love most about your cavapoo?

She has such a loving and playful personality.

Charli Louise, the cavapoo puppy from Seattle

Cavapoo Owner Reviews: What are the good sides of having a cavapoo?

She is everything I want in a puppy and more!

What are some downsides to having a cavapoo?

I don’t think this is a downside of the breed, but I highly suggest puppy school! We are starting this month and I am excited to learn how I can be the best puppy/dog pawrent!

Does your cavapoo shed much and how do you deal with it?

No shedding and hypoallergenic.

Charli Louise, the cavapoo puppy from Seattle

Do you travel with your cavapoo? What do you do when you need to go on vacation? (Pet sitter? Dog hotel? 🙂

Yes, I did travel with Charli! She travels extremely well in her pet carrier and even hangs out in it at home. When she is unable to come with me, she goes to my parents house, which is about 30 minutes away. I am extremely grateful they are willing to add a third pup to the mix while I’m away!

Would you recommend other people to have a cavapoo, why or why not?

110%. Incredible temperament, smart, loving and adorable! Of course this varies due to the what the dogs bred are like!

Cavapoo or Cavoodle? 😉 (Or cavadoodle?)

Cavapoo, but I love cavoodle too 😊

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