Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, Canada

Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, Canada

Looking for cavapoo breeders in Ontario to see if they have some puppies for sale? Here is a list that we hope will help you find your breeder! If you are a cavapoo breeder located in Ontario or close by, and would like to be on this list, please contact us and we will happily add you!

Stoney Acre Puppies

Located in Bancroft, Ontario, these cavapoo breeders offer quality home-raised and well-socialized puppies to homes in Ontario and across Canada. They pay particular attention to the health, temperament and family orientation of their puppies. These breeders provide fully vaccinated and dewormed puppies and also their puppies come with year-long health insurance.

Cavapoo breeders in Ontario: Pleasant Meadows Cavapoo Breeders

These breeders, located in Ontario, are a small hobby farm working to raise quality, well-socialized cavapoo in a home, family-surrounded setting. They have lots of puppy pictures and even a puppy room tour video on their site. They are also the first breeder in Canada to breed multi-generation cavapoo which gives them flexibility in the traits that they can offer in their puppies – from looks to allergy factors and more.

They do a great job explaining what type of cavapoo you can get depending on how it is bred. We found their pages very, very helpful and informative. Check them out!

Three Shades Cavapoos

These cavapoo breeders located in Ontario, BC, specialize in puppies bred for health and temperament. All their dogs are relaxed and easy-going and make high-quality pets and family members. They also pride themselves on the high level of customer satisfaction and have been breeding for over 25 years. They also have great pictures of their cavapoo puppies on their site, so check them out!

Cavapoo breeders in Ontario: A & R Country Kennel

These Ontario breeders work with several poodle crosses, but they do offer cavapoo as well. They breed non-shedding to low-shedding cavapoo that are healthy, friendly and smart and will be a great addition to any family. These breeders’ primary concern is the health of their cavapoo puppies, and they have this priority in mind in everything they do.

Cavapoo breeders in Ontario: Spruce Ridge Kennels

These Ontario cavapoo breeders are located just north of Kitchener / Waterloo. They also work with several cross-breeds including cavapoo. They have a gorgeous website and provide testimonials from customers who have bought their puppies. Check them out.

Country Home Kennels

These cavapoo breeders aren’t located in Ontario but in Calgary, Alberta.

We hope this little overview of cavapoo breeders in Ontario will help you orient in what’s available and find your puppy sooner rather than later. Getting a puppy is an exciting time! However, remember to be careful and do a lot of research. Read through the breeder’s websites thoroughly and make sure you can trust them before you contact them. Other customers’ reviews are one thing to check.

Also, have a look at the breeder’s social media pages such as their Facebook page to make sure they are legitimate. You can also google a breeder to see if you can find any good/ bad reviews. Most of the breeders out there are absolutely legitimate and strive to create wonderful healthy puppies, but it never hurts to be cautious.

Good luck in your search for the cavapoo puppy!

Before you contact your Cavapoo breeder in Illinois: read a Cavapoo owner review!

Jenny and her Cavapoo Bonnie

What can I say about Bonnie? If you are reading this review, you are probably a cavapoo owner or are planning to adopt one. If you have any doubts about the breed, maybe this will be a useful review for you. I

I have been thinking of what breed to adopt for a long time. Both my husband and I agreed that we needed a small dog. Our house is not too spacious and we both like smaller dogs better: they are easier to travel with, easier to groom, everything is just easier with a smaller dog. But I wanted an active dog too – a breed that I could take hiking and that I wouldn’t need to carry because they’d be too weak and frail to cover the distance on their own.

After a lot of thought, we decided we wanted to adopt a cavapoo as it has some traits from a poodle — one of the smartest breeds out there, and some traits from a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who we also like a lot. When we saw the puppies for the first time, we knew we made the right choice. We just couldn’t help falling in love with these little munchkins.

It was hard to wait several weeks until we could finally bring our pumpkin home. We named her Bonnie, which means “pretty” in Scottish (my husband has Scottish roots).

We housebroke Bonnie quite quickly and easily, it’s as if she knew what we wanted from her even though she was still a tiny pup. She does everything she needs outside and always waits for us to take her.

She is very active, just like I wanted. Sometimes too active, to be honest. She’ll run circles around us while we walk, and she is a real tornado in the dog park. She is extremely friendly though and loves everyone she sees, especially little kids. She loves hiking, swimming, playing fetch – anything active, really.

Another thing about cavapoo is that they are very smart. At least our Bonnie certainly is.  She understands a lot of words, including the names of her favorite toys, and her favorite treats. She knows some commands too, been though we haven’t trained her all that much.

In terms of feeding, she eats dog food just ok unless it has chicken in it – she seems to be allergic to chicken. But we also try to give her meat and some vegetables from time to time. And of course, she will steal anything that has fallen off the table.

Grooming is something we do often. We have to brush her at least every other day and also wash her at least once a week.

Bonnie is very loving, she has so much affection towards us her family and other people. She is not aggressive at all and has never even growled at anyone in her life. She gets extremely excited if we have guests and has to meet everyone personally and make friends. The next time they come, she greets them like her best friends and wants to entertain everyone with her antiques. It can get a little embarrassing but I also secretly love this about her. Her soul is just so pure and open. I love that she waits for me to come home from work and then gets so excited she jumps up and down and would lick me to death. When my husband had to leave town for a few weeks for a work trip, I never felt lonely because Bonnie would be always there and I know she is waiting for me after work. It’s a little bit like having a child, she is definitely our family member and is so loved. When we went for a vacation and had to leave her with family, we felt empty, like someone important was missing, and were so happy to reunite with her after.

If you are in doubt whether to adopt a Cavapoo or not, I would definitely recommend doing it, provided you have time to spend with them and to take care of them. They are a real blessing and will complete any family.

Check out other cavapoo breeders out there, such as Reputable cavapoo breeders UK, Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, Canada, and Cavapoo breeders in Alberta, Canada. You can also adopt a puppy from Cavapoo Rescue


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23 Responses

  1. Kim Day says:


    We are looking to adopt a female Cavapoo puppy this spring. Could you recommend a breeder that might have a litter.

    We live in Toronto in a house with a good size garden and near to 4 parks.
    You can reach me on 647 982 5494

    Kim and Andrew

  2. Stafani says:

    Looking for a Cavapoo puppy as soon as possible. Male or female. Please contact me @4168096117 thank you

  3. Sam says:

    We are a young couple, looking for a cavapoo puppy, male or female. Please contact us at your convenience. Thanks


  4. Divyang says:

    We are looking to adopt male Cavapoo puppy as soon as possible. Please contact us at 647.330.1674

  5. Rosalie Raimondo says:

    We are looking for a female Cavapoo puppy ASAP. Please contact me at your convenience. Thank you,
    Kindly Rosalie 647-339-3557

  6. Maggie Hogarth says:

    I live in Burlingtpn Ontario and am looking for a cavapoo puppy, on the larger size male
    could you contact me.

  7. Katie Frisch says:

    We are looking for a male Cavapoo puppy ASAP. Please contact me at 514-233-1606. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  8. Katie frisch says:

    I’m looking for a male Cavapoo puppy as soon as possible. Please contact me at 514-233-1606. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  9. Ann Prescott says:

    Hello. Looking for a puppy ASAP sex isn’t an issue _ Lost my dog in Feb he was 10 yrs was the love of my life

  10. Frank Giordano says:

    My family is interested in adopting a puppy asap! Please contact me at 416-802-6153 Frank

  11. Jaydon says:

    We are looking for a Cavapoo Puppy ASAP.Please contact me, Max price 700$
    Contact me at

  12. Jaydon says:

    Hello, we are looking for A Cavapoo puppy ASAP Max price 700$
    Contact me at

  13. Jeannie says:

    Looking for a yorkiepoo multipoo morkie cavapoo

  14. Amber tunn says:

    Hello! We are looking for a male Cavapoo puppy. Please email, text or call any info!

  15. Cassandra says:

    Hello. We are looking to adopt a Cavapoo puppy to be our new family member.

  16. Alexa says:

    Looking for a cavapoo puppy asap!!!

  17. joyce ghaly says:

    hey! my family and I are looking for a cavapoo as soon as possible. you can give me a call or send a text @ (416)-559-8885

  18. Deborah Bensette says:

    My husband and I are seniors who are also experienced and loving dog owners. We would like a small, under 15 lb cavapoo this spring 2021. We have a large fenced yard. We could never fly a dog in cargo and she would need to be 15lbs to sit in the cabin with us. Thank you, in advance!

  19. Soraya says:

    I am interested in adopting a puppy or reserving.

  20. Jing Zhu says:

    Hello, we are looking for female cavapoo to be a new memeber of our family! Thanks

  21. Jing Zhu says:

    Hello, we are looking for female cavapoo to be a new memeber of our family! We lhave a good size backyard and parks near by, please email me asap, thanks.

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