Cavapoo breeders in California

If you are interested in finding a cavapoo breeder in California, this post is for you. I tried to come up with a list of cavapoo breeders in or near California, US, taking into account the information they provide on their website and a few criteria which could help me decide whether I could recommend these breeders as someone you can trust.

I looked at such things as: what  does the breeder do ensure they only breed healthy cavapoo without genetic issues, how many litters per year they have, how they treat their customers and their dogs. I hope this list will be helpful for you in your search of a cavapoo puppy in California.

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Cavapoo breeders in California – Golden Heart Doodles

Golden Heart Doodles is a family-run, home-based cavapoo breeder located in Central Valley, California. They have been breeding several breeds of dogs, such as Yorkshire Terriers and Shetland Sheepdogs for over thirty years. Eventually, they wanted to breed a dog that would shed less, and also have minimum potential health issues. Currently, they mostly concentrate on cavapoo.

Golden Heart Doodles are not a very large breeder: they breed on a small scale and raise all their puppies within their family, as their family members. They start training their puppies to have good behaviour and also start house training them before they even go to the new homes. That doesn’t mean their puppies come fully house-broken and trained, but do have a nice headstart.

The prices for their puppies vary in the range of $2,000-$2,500 depending on the color of the puppy. The good thing about this breeder is that they provide the potential owners the pedigree of both parents of their puppies and also thoroughly test their dogs to exclude the possibility of any of the main genetic issues that cavapoo can have. Contact Golden Heart Doodles if you are in California.

Cee Cee’s Puppy Palace

Cee Cee’s Puppy Palace is a small cavapoo breeder located in the Central San Joaquin Valley, California. This kennel is run by a retired couple who have been breeding for quite a while, since 2006. They currently have about a dozen breeding dogs living with them (cavaliers and poodles) and a few litters of puppies per year. These breeders do not ship their puppies.

They have lots of testimonials on their website, as well as images of their puppies. They have a lot of information about their puppies and the process of purchasing one on their website, including a purchase contract. I haven’t been able to find information on what health testing they do on their dogs, but you might be able to find out if you contact them directly.

Calla Lily Cavapoo

Calla Lilly Cavapoo is a small doggie home, which they like to call themselves as they don’t like to be called a kennel. They state that they normally have many puppies available as they private place them and all puppies are normally spoken for. But who knows, maybe you could become one of their private clients. They provide health guarantee for their puppies and do several vet checkups before the puppies go into their homes. I was not able to find where exactly this breeder is located.