Cavapoo size: how big can a full grown cavapoo get

How big does adult cavapoo get?

Short answer: On average, cavapoo adult would be a fairly compact dog, with full grown cavapoo reaching around 10 – 15 inch height (about 25 – 40 cm). You can’t fit adult cavapoo in the pocket, but it can very comfortably exist in a small apartment with not much spare space 🙂

Since cavapoo isn’t a breed but a mix of  breeds, there is no breed standard for its size and weight. The appearance and physical characteristics of a full grown cavapoo, including its weight and size, will depend on how it was bred. Cavapoo can be bred from Toy Poodle or Miniature poodle. As the two of these breeds are fairly different in size, the resulting puppies will also be different.

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Full grown cavapoo will be taller and weigh more if it was bred from the miniature poodle, who is around 15 inches tall on average. Adult cavapoo will be smaller if it was bred from toy poodle (about 10 inches tall in size).

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However, here is what you can expect in general. On average, adult cavapoo are fairly compact dogs, with full grown cavapoo reaching around 10 – 15 inch height (about 25 – 40 cm). You can’t fit this dog in the pocket, but it can very comfortably exist in a small apartment with not much spare space. (Although do remember that puppies or adult cavapoo are not necessarily lap dogs.

Although their energy peaks in puppy-hood and somewhat wanes in adult cavapoo, they can have a lot of energy and do need exercise!)

Full grown cavapoo normally weight around the range of 6 – 19 lbs ( 3-9 kg), again, depending on how the cavapoo was bred and what traits it inherited. Of course, other factors will define how much your particular adult cavapoo will weight, such as muscle development, exercise and also your cavapoo diet. Today’s dogs, just like today’s people, are often sedentary and don’t exercise enough.

In addition to that, people often overfeed their animals, and cavapoo, being intelligent and cute as they are, are very good at begging for food.

Treats are a particularly dangerous territory. It’s very easy to give in to your cavapoo pleas and treat them several times throughout the day. However, you need to remember that commercially produced treats are often full of carbohydrates, which aren’t very good for cavapoo (or any dog!). Carbohydrates overload your dog’s digestive system and provide extra energy, plus raise their blood sugar levels.

All of that can lead to weight gain and even diabetes, if left out of control. So next time your cavapoo looks at you with their pleading little eyes, be strong and don’t give in! This way you can keep your cavapoo weight at a healthy level. And don’t forget about exercise!

Going back to the size of your full grown cavapoo: you might have a smaller adult cavapoo if they are female, as females are often smaller than males, just like in the case of many other animals.

Full grown cavapoo bred from toy poodle may reach around 10 inches in height (about 25 cm) and weight about 6 lbs (around 3 kg). Despite the small size, they can be a fairly sturdy and athletic dog, and normally have quite large personalities 🙂 These small dogs are also great to have in apartments or smaller living spaces as they fit literally everywhere. (But do give them lots and lots of exercise!) These dogs are great to travel with as well, as they normally can be allowed in the passenger zone of the airplane and are small enough to travel comfortably with by car, or even stay at a hotel or AirBNB.

If you are looking for a cavapoo to adopt, check out our articles on how to find a reputable breeder. You can find such breeders in: Reputable cavapoo breeders UK, Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, Canada, and Cavapoo breeders in Alberta, Canada. You can also adopt a puppy from Cavapoo Rescue. Don’t forget to read about Cavapoo pros and cons.

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