Can cavapoo swim?

Do cavapoo dogs swim?

Do you love spending time on the water and would like your cavapoo to share the fun with you? If so, the question you might ask is: can cavapoo actually swim?

Can cavapoo swim?

Well, the answer is: almost all dogs can swim. And your cavapoo is likely a capable swimmer as well. Whether they like swimming or not is another matter. Most dogs I have ever met, including cavapoo, adore water. Splashing in the water park or swimming with you in the lake or ocean can become one of your cavapoo’s favourite things to do.

If you want your cavapoo to share the fun of spending time on the water with you – start them young. If your cavapoo is still a puppy, this is the best time to get them acquainted with water.

Take them to your favourite beach and let them explore the shoreline for a while, while still holding them on the leash of course. You may notice that they will express interest towards water right away. They may try to sniff it, lick it or play with it. Particularly brave little cavapoo may even try to jump in it. If that happens – let them do it.

They will likely swim right away as swimming is instinctive in dogs. Make sure that doesn’t happen in winter, of course, as the water could be too cold for your cavapoo, even if they are enthusiastic about swimming. You should also make sure the current isn’t too strong: you don’t want to put your cavapoo in danger if being swept away. Even though your cavapoo can swim, they could still have an accident on the water, so keep an eye on them.

Teaching a timid cavapoo to swim

If your cavapoo is intimidated by water, you might need to help them get acquainted with it. Get in the water with them! You can take them in your arms or lead them behind you on the leash, whichever works for your puppy. If they seem frightened, encourage them with your voice, by petting them or by offering them treats. Eventually they will start associating water with good things and will grow to like it. They may actually like it so much you’ll have a hard time pulling them out of the water!

Don’t forget to take care of your cavapoo after every swimming session. If the weather is cold, you may need to help your cavapoo to get dry again so they don’t get sick. If you and your cavapoo like swimming in the ocean or any other body of salt water, make sure you give your puppy a good shower afterwards, especially if your cavapoo hair tends to get tangled. Salt can definitely make it worse. You can use special dog shampoo to make the process easier on you and your puppy.


Can cavapoo swim? Yes, and usually they love it. Don’t leave your cavapoo home on a sunny day – take them to the beach so you can have fun in the water together!

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